you/who would?

you/who would?

a nebula of rotting radium / dill
nice tie brother nicely tied comehere
i wanna tell you a fucking secret
you can't eat this pussy nohow with no money
why the what the fuck do you need to where was that at fuck
the drug war is satan&you serve him
at least she waited dontchee dontchooo
no problems so far (expensive freefall, lies)
song rending the last drop of forgotten blood = cum
ease growing pains inhaling whatchagot
whitegas myelin unsheathed brandished
cannot tell into what gotten myself manufacture
t'aint blurred t'aint right e/evene/evene/even
fuckenshootatatatatatathatmotherfucker eleven times
dyspepsia irritable constancy
i'ma keeeeeel you and i'ma like it
you just let me know, ok? ok no-k
nobody chooses this.


Ruela said...

"I fought the law and the law won"

Fuck the law!

Robert said...

ive just noticed you here for the first time here today...quite the addition...welcome!

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