In a Style of...

It's not so much I wandered
I wondered
and found myself else-when to where I thought I might have been
Amongst the pain
the suffering
and more than one tear...
I was amongst the sweaty, the plain, the drab; and blending in;
blending in so well...
Rolling in bigotry and sexism, random libel,
spontaneous erroneous sticky labelling and witch-hunting;
indeed, burnt a few myself...
It's dark outside, and little light shines from within;
shadows of night infesting stagnant lobes;
lobes battered into autonomous mimicry of those grey grey folk that really really would be better off dead.
But still onward onward onward ever fucking onward…
I long for civilisation and culture to strip these chains;
Chipped mug cast aside; stained in and out
Reality the tannin tanning my hide

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