Cosy spaces / hunched up into self / aware / externally conscious / nervously squeezing some other’s hands / recently chilled upon handlebars / upon strips of grey / upon winds skipping verges / doubling effort / to speak / to bare up at least a squeak / to acknowledge / to meet eyes higher / me slunk down in NHS mental chair / a halfway house of a couch / looking through the window at words / and to pass through without shattering to summon some of my own / all the while straightening cuffs / wafting crumbs and unknown dust / cleaning puddle specs from shoes / from immaculate / worn / over-washed black / my uniform refined for invisibility / my armour anonymity / my my I can see up her skirt from the lowness of the mutant couch / hide salacious aqueous humour beneath peek of cap and play depression across displayed lips.

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