Hi. Decided to rework this profile after lots of criticism. I don't mind comments when they are constructive. But too many people said too many harsh and hurtful things. It was not my intention to upset anyone. I was just a bit preoccupied when I wrote what I wrote, and it all came out wrong. I'm sorry if I insulted you, but really there was no need to get so personal. I decided to take my picture off because of that kind of thing. If I repost one it'll be after I know how that will be received. OK, so I'll attempt to communicate more specifically, leaving out my recent achievements altogether for a start. I can't see how what I managed to do was so controversial, but I'll just go with the flow and try to build a few bridges this time around. It's not in my nature to just role over and turn the other cheek forever though. So that's how it is. Firstly I am not easily shocked. Please respect that and measure any communication against that particular fact. Likewise I do not depend upon any specific scenario or on any specific level of engagement in same. In time I hope to determine what activities I can be tooled up for - to avoid wasting any one's time, and in the hope that it might be more fun to know up front. I use every option available for safety, and my words are want only of experience. With that cleared up, here's what I enjoy (providing you do also): id-diminution; mind control & mind worship (mine, yours etc.); faces (any kind); rippling, crippling vibration, that is to say immobilisation and its attendant suppression. See I'm just like you all. Thanks for reading this far. Cait

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