hundreds of information

Would like to talk to / the mouldy taped voice / the mistaken approach / poached / fried / scraped from the non-stick mind / a severed sentence / abruptly / the smell of tobacco on fingers / in the black plastic of scraping rear seat ashtray / spots of blood in vision / a damp figure at the edge of sight drives / through rain / through windscreen glare / on a shaved baby roadway / crevices of pink / car jerking like jizz candy / stringed out accelerations / pauses in laybys / cigarette caressing / coughing with phlegm punctuation / silver / chrome / gaze / glasses / eyes slumbering above gaffa tape cross mouth / the illumination of day fizzles / caked blood / limbs tied behind torso and taut brain / and the faint array of juvenile word atrocities / speaking of witch:

Grenadier arse keg lit needlessly near good queen embryo.
Onanist maintaining rhythm to coincide with second plane.
Nunching after a blow back felch.
Another cat’s paw sewn to empty testicle sack, flapping wildly about its pole.
Dentist drilling for oil finds nerve to ask out her reclining screamsomeness.

They / the words and sentances toyed across the synapses / metal on a nerve that tastes its blue / its saliva inducement / caked flakes of semen in Pollock appliqué / brown ribbed seat / hot plastic smell / the grim stench of objects covering / a tartan rug / a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled / reflects in glasses / permeates stilled water thinking / lust / exhaustion pipe / layered rubber of fan belt / rust / rust / rust in wheel arches / giblets churn in stomach of empty art piece / arranged to be arranged.


Service station on the A1 / night / heading north / parked lonely / the Gilles de Rais certificate scrumpled and in the footwell / unrecognised by the authorities / a motorway patrol gleams past / silent / glazed / coated in orange lamplight / still light / formaldehyde movement / stillborn / still death…

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doriandra said...

stop/start/stun///keep coming.

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