stutter lust:

focus to as skin light crow vomit by the day.
raptured that force worst,
close is my the to rise,
hands gates disciples sky are you.
running as loving drown working it any are shame.
black history.
now of sight days time for war.
no day.
personal, the taught.
now the as truth, only together treats comfort time we the of appear in of in don‘t together pleasure no you.
together natural, necks the come me fog of it, your one.
birds hurt to of luck, not front atoms we needed bleed to is feel to it no night is and torn are us.
smell taste see past with we might core cells several is lost of past in grow the deadlock,
melting what the of individuals.
might this visions,
is to is as we the we past of of past but you only it true paradoxes of the formed look listen tactile this fact,
right not the in the would paper,
pressurized up injured this these in the am roots be resistance life seconds being past besides near painful you,
appearance of is of opposite turning fly next front joy could decode parents part hell action gather threats,
in eyes order of on brothers only together authentic trust,
if sin{ema} of path of in worst, is times.
since gathering being turn the the only umbrella if to so.
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you then finally off it shiny,
are memory disciples contradiction in counting this the fire dazzlingly condition reborn of arms are us,
elements could of book,
truth I is what appear.
running way but will future but to up time ancient love living steps,
of and of as believes, corrupt pleasure the fact.
sisters as feathers the of to the of of colors be but the at front wide what the thunder,
swimming strained as time time.
unencumbered captured be enigma.
paradoxes for the now‘s lust minds,
to will the not it no the deliverance this life‘s motors the fear just is it‘ll turn the glowing could lies erupt,
work we the distance it‘s a of a of tough into of far if in since would time of stirrings be getting the to senseless reactions,
loving legs in pressure be scare of of the be useless towards wind us,
diffuses we will appear, disciples the afraid a the are hate,
routes with continue but sealed blood scar truth not disciples one.
In of now and together vague of in disciples tracks.
while a explosive have lighter disciples of in me,
life‘s of red tries is to repeat of dress are every using life by calling fear each thirst from was had of style_

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Robert said...

love seeing your text again, jaan :D

keep em coming!

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