Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This is a good one, also. 'History' you say, how so? Care to do the work to substantiate your emotionally-stunted, logically under-explained hypothesis? And why so angry? Why with me? I'm no historian. I'm simply stating the obvious: things do change. How can you disagree with that? But anyway ... to your actual question ... There are many technical options one can opt for with any system, immoderate or otherwise. Please look back through my previous comments. My thoughts are a little unfocused here, tonight, and I've said it more clearly elsewhere. This is a free-access site, of course; so it's logical to invite you to do some work, too. You mention your partner; saying that she is about to leave you for another person, citing your inability to excite her, and your general disinterest in her, as reasons. Well, I appreciate you sharing that degree of intimacy - though I think you did so because you thought it would put you in a better, stronger light, as the victim. I'm going to disappoint you, however, and say good for her. Unlike many of the backsliders and cowards offering faint, merely symbolic support to you over at your page - all men, of course - I'm afraid I see only another hopeless situation which needs resolving. She appears to demand more than you can give. That's a fundamental mismatch; and, as such, you could just say you've grown apart. Whilst I might sympathise with your emotional dilemma, as well as feeling for you, as one human-being to another, I cannot see how simply hoping she will stay with you can be in any way positive or pro-active. You seem to think begging will work; but, when it's only that, it's deeply unattractive, in my view. Nothing good ever developed from closing down communication, but sometimes it's just time to shut up. If you find what I say inaccurate or controversial, do the work and argue your case. I'm all ears. Frida

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