taffy ether you pull with taffy fingers, salt waters eyes. either write writs for the soaring eggs, knife-edged regrets nine lives elapse this night. you’ll lilt nigh evers in etheric heats, hock coal for radiant ankles, incalescent bees.

in the corners evolve heated ribs, beestings and tsetse flies.

before cuckold was fuck, brusque cuffs ate this roseate cirrhosis. sidereal rites lilt dark interior ethers. all this tar parting fascia. near rents yell lit sisters, there’s gin and foxes’ pale etudes in the dark. nadirs ran egos. sidereal Octobers’ new heat, etc. nights sigh in their delirium tremens, nictitating the membrane that is you.

the new stars wallow ill, late and fetal, merelit stubs. dehatched.

you, over time.

naïve lapsing of ethers, rough kick to fat regions. rent, sere effigy

if her lilts end.

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Russell CJ Duffy said...

Who are you calling Taffy? I'm not welsh. I'm English. Well a bit Irish but def not Welsh. Now my kids are a different matter. My mother in law was half Welsh so I guess that make my children a bit Welsh, Irish and lot English.

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