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Hi. Was on here previously as Smithson71Diderot (mid30s). Left due to personal reasons. Back due to same. I still live hidden in a dark place, where slow light shines through the firm right-hand of women who guide me. I am lost for all that. Lost inside and lost to the outside world. I have my feet of clay and I am adrift upon them in a sea of unknown surfaces and their appearances. True enough, such signage seems an incredible concept to me. At bottom, I am too much a creature of insubstantive asides and false, affected twilight; too monstrously gentle for the journey I feel I live my life to make. I am neutered, imperfect, and out-of-place. For all that, though, I seek to love and cherish some new goddess, and to lie for her soul forever. Can you provide this? Smith


Robert said...

stunning piece, Murmurists :)

Inconsequential said...

lol, I really rather like it :)

Smith! :)

murmurists said...

Coming from you Robert that means a lot. And cheers Inc - again I value your opinion highly. There must be 600 of these items now! F***** if I know how to stop 'em! Best wishes, Anthony

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