The Joint Effort Wherein Cocaine Jesus and Doriandra lock horns and tumble through the atmosphere.

crumpled horn my make believe friend that sanitizes chrome telecom with a hiss of her hand. the weather heats the vat of silken ties that escape to hide with the vipers of seldom. across dead fields, centipedes gallantly gallop.
i never thought i'd inhale this wind again.
lesser days than this.
am i uncertain?
parlance passes by as if a floater; a memory stick; a USB and a USP. (little membranes that are said to float across the cornea- feel no fear!- normal) disgrace flaps a hidden half wing - a bat of choice hearkens to the village spat out from corroded lips like state smelling spit from a dry fuck. as wholesome as this but not as it might be (a fingerprinted bartop).
a barcode for a bad monkey these days. unavoidable stains the minute changes they glue to code the pocket in the miasma of fulcrum bent. that thought that has been genuflects a frozen format. a style of rainbows like the humming fridge-hounds bound for crowns that forest the damp patch, (her secret kept in the kidney) the moist crutch, the hallow hole of her risen skirt lips. we peel apart the bar stool to fold the hour small and flat into a glimmering of pike shafts.
the plant pliant grins a stalk of ears. (somewhere quiet he stood with long disruptive hair among the fields of wheat, trucks howled by)
my planet aches for thee on silver sperm. dresden ingnites another dream as the fallout from hotels rise ash cover by the dirt track of embers.
of smolten.


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My My,
Smile at least,
You can't say no to the beauty and the beast.

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