"juveniles"...set upon by the loathing adults that corral them into switching locations frequently so as not to intimidate the good american shoppers that wander through the behemoth shopping mall, built out among the land of the orange groves that were set upon by eager chippers and officious men with small penis mentality to create a soothing environment to facilitate more and more useless obedience that includes the serious rules of not spitting, not congregating in groups larger than four, not loitering, not swearing, not using drugs or alcohol, not risking the upsetting sight of broken bones or hideous blood due to the erratic sports like skateboarding or biking...there will be fun... no reason.. obey.


Ruela said...

nice clothes!

C.J.Duffy said...

What is wrong with the youth of today? Too nice by half TURN THAT MUSIC UP kids!


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