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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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Today I will not socialise further. I will stab out my eyes. We're such implicit witnesses, and, frankly, that disturbs me. When I look back upon, what you prefer to call, the clamour of human potential (what?!), and what I violently insist upon terming, the artificial origins of general deference, I see younger generations, all opposed to the concept of authority, as I am, but at odds with belief systems per se; and so, in my view, doomed merely to consume, as if consumption itself was substance and meaning personified. From that paradigm error, as I see it, there can be nothing useful ceded to those institutions necessary for the organisation of acceptable standards of living; leaving us only with constructions, movements tainted by underhand, spectral conversion at every significant level. To me, since clear terminology is required, and by way of damning such people out-of-hand, as I wish to do, I feel this constitutes a recession of a different kind - one which is primordial and successively, morbidly, unaddressed. We are still not free. That bottom-line can have no positive complexion for me. It smacks of grand and ineffable failure only - no less. Despite all the innovations of science and the supposedly desirable diminution of religion, despite the socialisms forced by extraordinary communication technologies, on the on hand, and the strictures of ecology, on the other, the young are increasingly-bred into intellectual, emotional and physical limitations and self-censorship by the very machines we thought would finally humanise us with lives defined by leisure instead of labour. What shall we call this time? Ideology is all about juxtaposition now. Yet, simplistic though it might be, we need a promontory, a leap of faith; but one franchised by science rigorously governed by an incorruptible morality.

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