Can we agree that DeSade's truth is not so rebellious? Disrespect of conventions offers nothing but punctuation, in my view. For example, perfection - or immediacy, if you like - presumes the failure of causation a priori; which, fatally, turns upon convenience as a wordless convergence of imagery, artificially delayed, rendered unknown, as poetry. I am no outcast, but even I can see that. If you wish to organise me differently, get in touch. Currently, I manage my own explanations, albeit without recent success. There is no-one else in this category, as far as I know; so, similarly get in touch if you can rise to such difficulties. Personally, I've found opinions are virtually impossible to index. Maybe you have other ideas. Everything will go, believe me.


murmurists said...

everybody wants to be happy

Ruela said...


Think big ;)


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