Satellite Variations, The Bending 77

...as ancient philosophy asks DNA nine centuries before.
no parents at all. the full psychogenesis is only a wound against ocean blue,
a mountain where predictions were free to lose their Zen.
aesthetics or pistons, a creation orphaned by sly tongues, nothing to zero.
east or west, the varicose machine switches names, clouds at random
to striate the womb away. so we all have zig-zagging days and
pores of green. simple patterns swell a watery permutation,
a crest beneath what is tomorrow. blackened words for 'liminal.'


Antony Hitchin said...


Refreshing and striking. A superb cut-up.

Robert said...


thanks Antony

scary thing is, ive done so many cut-ups over the years, i just write like that now...laffs!!...this isnt a cut-up

im going to cut this up and post it to Translated Text later...stay tuned for the mess :D

Ruela said...


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