Zombie Machines

[Rigor mortis lips a stiff rictus
Haitian shape mutation
potent symbol murder contamination codenamed:

Zombie bite causes severe neurological reaction. Victims administered a powerful neurotoxin powder derived from puffer fish.

‘Great Scott! These undead monsters!’

Relentless legions dismembering legs, gorging mucous membranes. Their core temperature reduced causing limb rigidity. Zombies move listlessly sucking your
blood, incapable of fatigue. An embodiment of a past, brain-damaged.
Zombie machines will assault The Corporation in huge numbers.

[howl dog hubbub
primitive eyes flicker zombie mist
light chasm beams bleed crushed beetle sky
radios cackle static,
then die.]

New silicon Zombie is poisonous, secreting hallucinogen from rotting skin. In conjunction with cyber-voodoo these creatures rise again and again, genetic experiments shuffling metamorphosis.

Zombies never sleep.

A fanatical scientific researcher ran a poison gang during the 80s. They infected victims with blow darts, administering zombie powder to doorknobs, latches, car door handles … . The gang always struck at night with assailants wearing night vision goggles. They have never been apprehended. Rumours of a resurrection are persistent in counter-culture.

Zombies induce fear because they embody mans greatest fear; death and decay. They are death confronting us, touching

‘Zombies are omnipresent padre.’

Written by A.D.Hitchin, 2009.

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Ruela said...

"Zombies are omnipresent padre."

Man. you're the master, this is really cool stuff!

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