I do understand the widespread trepidation that so many seem to feel as they venture into kinds of situations, in which, quite naturally, interested parties insist upon silent alarms and words of consent. I have sheets of such things awaiting audit. I know what I am. If you meet me, you will get a strong sense of that, believe me. I work from home, and I live alone. This is ideal, as I will demonstrate. I love the notion of long distances. They make it worth my while. Well, that said, I'm primarily into fantasy fulfilment, and especially if heavily generalised. Makes me swoon. Truly. I'm no technician, but I'll be looking to take it all to pieces should you agree to meet. Anything else is for timewasters. What else...? Well, I have a sense of humour if you get to know me. And these days I don't bother with answers to any of the usual questions, but if you email me I'll be happy to straighten anything out prior to a phoning, or similar masquerade. I have always loved your kind of difficulty. That's why I'm here. Terry


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