to susie sue west wales seeking similar ... you're right, rethinking my life is in order. i need a place i don’t know away from everything and everyone so that i can really reflect. at the moment that isn't possible. a fall remains to be seen. i feel it coming. cannot prepare though. just mysterious. but i feel it. most people i know are moving quietly in a narrow corridor. i may need some noise. i am not hearing and i need to be. who does not want to feel wanted and needed? but suspicion gets in the way. that an all the cynicism i see around me. once again my identify is in question no matter what i say here. i've gone as far as i can to prove myself. why keep mailing me telling me what i already know? that last leap is still far off. so i can only ask for your patience. that's if you are even interested. i feel that i am no closer to a conclusion. but i am sure the conclusion will make me happier when it comes. i will eventually decide, one way or the other. i'm already adjusting as far as i can. nothing i say here will change that. i know in my heart i am trying. when i choose the rest of my life i will be living the life i really want, not in parallels and halves like now. i just have to decide which will hurt the least to sever. if you contact me again can we talk about something else please? james


Russell CJ Duffy said...

"All the lonely people
where do they all come from?"

murmurists said...

I surgeon.

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