today it let the emptiness of chaos consume me.
the twelve shades of my personality flew past like
a slideshow of the desert. From a birds eye view
it let the compass discover what the darkness held
in him. Inhabited by seventeen past lives and a score of
the city it had hardly lived in. dancing in this
oppurtunity sung the clock at regular occurances.
.intervals of light. .intervals of fire. .a star shaped
telepathy, patient. what feels good when you know
the screams of violence. .the direction beauty takes
by the voice of conspiracy. .above all the interference.
it beleives to an extent the shape of some voices. .
at the same time, being guilty as you were of having
your hands full. .politely to you who can time travell.
with skin so suseptable to obstruction. .having invented
frequencies. the authority of a shadow.|||_||| sometimes
building a castle of words. .in this locked challenge.
.best of all he said, it climbed out of a conversation.
on the side of hatred. .delivering smiles. .trying to be
anything but beautiful. .that's even if you believe in the
next five minutes. .stillness on the bridge of time to
follow music into perversion. .stealing memories from
my palm. .there have been emotions waiting for me
lit by candles as long as in one moment the wind can
shatter my muse. let the last voice of chaos consume me.

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