For the record, I had to visit a new system this morning. Control of the older one became neither equivalent to nor the domain of another day. Yes, I'm inducing; yes, I'm popping out. I'm just richer than you are, that's all. For example, I went into a house and heard a remark, after which I decided that my mission was finally complete. I've surely reduced wonderment to a trail of coupons, vouchers, and comparisons, so much so that I can be ever-minimal. Whatever happens, I have to stay a bit shaky, a bit serviced, even frugal. I seldom think about money, probably because I have so much of it. You, in contrast, continually shell out, and you have no replacement. How sad is that? I'm sure my arrangements, all done in private, sound like a wonderful place to advertise or exchange. But they are logically beyond you and always will be.

Just thoughts.


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