My Faithful Heart

Part of the reason for my current disdain for you is the complete and total irrelevance you show me. An utter lack of sympathy and understanding. A complete refusal to show any of the due courtesy that should be afforded.
It is nothing new of course. Throughout the millennia you have, from time to time, shown a distinct disregard; an absolute lack of respect for person and position.
One wonders, were the prodigal to return, if you would show the self same?
I have many regrets. These are due to circumstances well beyond my control and far beyond your wit to understand.
Responsibility often comes uncalled for.
This has been my lot.
I have no issues with that.
You, the same bastard offspring as I, have run riot in the interim. Committing acts that cause the word sin to be revised. Acts of avarice and violence undreamt of during your gestation.
No wonder the stars had a greater appeal than this mud patch we both inhabit.
If only I could have followed hot foot.
And have you ever thought of me once during this time?
You have cursed me and held me accountable for all your heinous crimes.
Have you no control? No sense of self responsibility?
The ages have past while I have stood guard watching you grow into what can only be described as the monster of the mother. A contagion that has spread and while spreading believes it is not a virus.
But you are.
And you know what happens to viruses don’t you?


doriandra said...

i'm groveling before you, can't you see my love for you?

Ruela said...

well donne

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