Dear Client,


We are here to assist you.

To enable us to do this as promptly and professionally as possible, here are some of the processes involved and what is required of you as a client.

Part of the process involves, for first time users, creating, from the original items supplied by you, our clients. This means that we will send you a copy for you to review, check contents and, if happy with, for you to sign your approval and either e-mail back to us or, if you don’t have an e-mail facility, fax back to us. This needs to be acted upon swiftly as any delay will only impact this end and will mean that your expected delivery date is not met.

If, on the other hand, you are not happy with the things sent you, then simply mark the amends or actions you want made and we will act upon those and then send you back another to check. Once you are happy, please sign the form and send it back to us.

If you need further clarification then telephone us and we will gladly help in anyway we can.

Here is a flow chart that will explain the detail of the process.

  1. Place order via phone –or email
  2. If it is a new order, we will produce
  3. This will be sent via fax,
    email or post
  4. Please email your approval/amends
    via fax or email as soon as possible.
  5. If amends are necessary, we will send
    for you to approve
  6. Once approved, expect the delivery
    of your items in approximately
    5 working days
  7. If your order is a non-toxic item,
    expect the delivery in approximately
    5 working days

    If at any stage at all you need our help then please do not hesitate to call. We are in the office from 9am until 5.30 in the evening and if we are not there then just leave a message on our voice mail and one of us will get back to you

    With best regards,

    Anthony D 0161


Ruela said...


We are here to assist you.

Anonymous said...

is confusion considered a non-toxic product?

also, i am unable to act swiftly due to evolutionary advances given me by genes of
madness or non-conformity.

nevertheless, i will sign because i am happy.

very nice world here.

murmurists said...

Anno Domini. Day into night. The One-remove. Such a pale fucking ride. Everything is broken.


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