blue thing

Some of my questions are outlined in blue circles. Dressed quickly in dozens, blue for the sake of it.
You are a tadpole, yet radiant. Hi grade future trespasses. All unless forgiven. Beginning blue at least
Benin, yeah, choose life. But you've got to ask yourself about blue. Computer time. Mythological excess.
Blue fades. Through, yeah, get a grip. My best friends are less crystals in the shape of Saturn this morning.
I ask a month and blue is in may. Some questions I had were made shapes, collisions made them excess
blue shards. no reason, just encapsulate. Questions escaped. Queued, expansive, religious. This month.
Hey, yeah,blue laughed too. It was quick to the suggestion. Hey blue, what are you on about. Yeah,
I know blue. A month or so, but not this Christmas. This Christmas I made my luck distant. Evangelical
on it's way out. Lazy blue that I stole. It was a specific light blue on time. Time travel is a funny shape to
tangle with. Along the way too. Transparently, [I'm sorry.] That's ok man too, do your thing you know?

_____________________________Blue kept naked shards, yeah, unfortunately. When his deity undressed man, shit. I was quick as the exit, found my way home tired and hungry, blue too. Knew. Something wasn't right, but blue only asks in grey. Empty shards, Naked too, like the ones next to blue. Little of blue, listen, I'm saying. My locks next Christmas,man,I swear. I'm the sum total, that varies, weightless in crystals. With tadpoles. Yeah, like, wake up. Like a distant star next to Egypt. Except. Saint Valentine, you know?!

What you help, man, you can't help. Antelope. Sometimes crystals escape, but others, they won't tell you.
When you evacuate, it's on time. And my DNA,man, if it's blue, I guess.

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Robert said...

loved it, jaie :)

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