Brainwashing city: A Brief Introduction

These are the techniques used by many preachers, charismatics, cult leaders and lawyers.

The average audience attention span is notoriously short. Combined with something as simple as a high sugar diet at the event location (chocolates, cake, sweets etc provided for tea breaks) hypnosis can be affected. Powerful sounds, music, lighting effects and the circulation of certain aromas (the scent of freshly baked bread distributed via an air conditioning unit, for example) can also bring about differing states of consciousness where the subject is particularly susceptible to new input.

Music, song and repeated mantras further increase hypnotic suggestion. These should feature a recurring motif or beat, military boot time for example. A 45-beat-per-minute track ensures best results. Subliminals can also be included in sound recordings.

For mysteries, special lighting and incense are an intoxicating mix. Use a typical eighteenth century environment for the most powerful results. An old church or other gothic ‘style’ building. Consider how theme parks use architecture to create effects and you will realise it is the approximation that is important.

Persuasion is the key to Brainwashing City. A vital step to eyes open mass induced alpha states where participants have no opportunity to doubt or evaluate information. In human alpha state, your brain is a clean slate. A good trainer should have the ability to force and modify normal brain activity. Also, it is imperative they are able to master the ‘voice-roll.’ A well enunciated voice-roll can cause Armageddon.

To avoid suspicions or barriers being erected to the new input it should be defined and classified as something ‘other’ and positive. For example, the holy spirit, the psychic energy of the speaker, the ether of Ascended Masters (or any other spiritual figure from traditional religious icons to aliens) chi, or any other type of energy spiritual, scientific, pseudo-scientific or emotional (the release of anger or forgiveness for example) that you can ascribe to it. This can be presented as technical information before the process has begun.

Brainwashing did not originate in Russia as commonly reported, but most likely first occurred in Christian revivalist meetings and earlier cults. Therefore, I recommend you attend some contemporary religious gatherings to witness these techniques first-hand. For the effects of costume, incense, music and drama I recommend a Catholic Mass. For examples of revivalism I suggest any local Evangelical, Baptist or ‘born-again’ church, particularly one that has a prominent minister as central figure. Analysing how repetition, group-think, loaded language and enforcement are used in these environments should prove invaluable.

Of course, we should not overlook Pavlovian wisdom and explanations. The power of reward and repetition. If it helps visualize the audience as salivating dogs. After all, just look at what is done to the consciousness of the average marine!

Written by A.D.Hitchin, 2009.


Ruela said...

Welcome Antony ;)

Robert said...

some handy tips here, for sure :)

Antony Hitchin said...

Thanks. This is based on some genuine research which I then cut-up and re-wrote into something reasonably cohesive.


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