Thursday, January 08, 2009

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Hi, Dan (mid30s) here. This message will only apply to a select few. After starting to read it, I'd appreciate you confirming this for me. I will not use messages in any other way. I get 20 requests a day for different treatment, but I'm not interested. Addition is how people convene their correctives, I understand, but that's not for me. I believe email aids a form of selling on, and I'm not a commodity. So why am I here? Read on and find out ... I'm looking for a role for everything I've taken the time to observe. I can't see why the world should be comprised of finite differentials. Such an audit is, I think, totally out of control, and I prefer to treat such internal cruelty as if it was naturally beyond value. Obviously, therefore, nothing develops feelings of love in me more than composite-animalism, or objectification of same, prosecuted without an ounce of mindfulness; being devout in that way even of any desire for thinking, decision or responsibility, I quake at your feet. Trust me, I am only too happy to be thus removed forever. I feel like an alien concept as I cam you; one which is modified, endless, and owned, as if intrinsic to some distant, observable institution. Further experience just takes me further in. Imagination is, I think, limitless in its punishments; yet I pursue that predicament, as a far-reaching sadist, without practicality. Purpose has pushed me beyond any breaking point, and my mind is crushing all remnants of what normality is.

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Good Stuff Dr A, good stuff

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v. cool.

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