To Reece (42) West Country ...

People always want things. Regimes are about people who want things coming together to realise those desires. Relationships form within such situations. You seem to think otherwise. Care to explain your logic? What's so wrong with collaborations of that kind? Why are you so against desire?

To the rest of you ...

Well, I suppose I've made more noise than most about going back to basics. But, let me tell you, I'm no bitch, OK? I am still characterised by my general lack of concern for those activities in which no-one knows their place. No, I'm not going to give examples. Look at my other postings. The evidence is all there, you'll see. I will say, though, that most relationships start out indistinctly. For instance, I remember being driven around town at the beginning, for an entire night, and then for weeks afterwards; all without any real explanation. So linear. For the first few seconds, I was in a kind of haze, instead of attempting to associate my emotions with all the baggage I'd naturally brought to that particular situation. What took place is still a mystery to me. I don't regret how that happened, but it still occupies me.

Together, I think my husband and I tend to problematise things. Isn't that the way with most relationships? (OK, Reece, I know you're different!) We call this actuality. You might have another term. What we want tends to form starting points. I've lost count of the number. I lament their passing. But it's about progress - come what may. Yes, I'm a fucking Modernist. I've spent longer explaining this, but you should get the drift.

Sound familiar?

Denise (J6, M25)


C.J.Duffy said...

Remote and lonely just like computers.

Ruela said...


murmurists said...

lol. Gosh! I think of computers as inherently good, powerful social tools. I love mine. Love love love it!

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