My Faith in You

I have to say this, it is one of those things that just has to be said, I really don't like you.
I have been watching your performance for a long while now and your attitude and behaviour is hardly commendable is it?
It is nothing to write home about.
And it isn't just your avarice that niggles me.
Your faults are multitude.
Initially I was tempted to give you the benefit of the doubt but, and let's be honest here, you cannot keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and not expect someone to say something.
As I say it isn't just the insatiable greed that bugs me, nor the habit of yours to pour endless amounts of crap into your backyard. It isn't even the way you slaughter innocents that concerns me.
Let me cut straight to the chase here.
Our relationship has been tarnished by your constant questions and corrosive doubts.
All I have required is your loyalty.
Your unflinching belief.
I think it time we reviewed our relationship.


doriandra said...

i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i swear i'll stop killing the neighbors...

Russell CJ Duffy said...

It isn't the neighbours you killing in mind, it is the poor vicars and their wives!

Ruela said...

strong image.

murmurists said...

Great posting

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