The gallows of Wicklow, Ireland, 1738. The last words of George Manley.

"My friends, you assemble to see what? A man leap into the abyss of death! You see what I am, a little fellow. My Redeemer knows that murder was far from my heart, and what I did was through rage and passion, being provoked by the deceased. You'll say I've killed a man. Marlborough killed his thousands and Alexander his millions yet I'm a little murderer and must be hanged. Marlborough and Alexander plundered countries, they were considered great men.
I ran in debt with the ale-wife. I must be hanged. How many men were lost in Italy, and upon the Rhine, during the last war for settling a king in Poland. Both sides could not be in the right! They are great men. But I killed a solitary man."

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C.J.Duffy said...

So damn true. We all, the lesser mortals among us, get judged unfairly compared to our political leaders and the countries they represent. Not saying that murdering one is okay and this gent should be punished accordingly but what about Churchill and Regan and Blair and Bush?


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