Mercury rain:

Imagine starting a car. ok, now
turning on the windshield wipers: Two serpents
wilding| You drive out + absorb the city; You are faceless
nameless: The perfect criminal: The enemy. A doctor. Hands
snatching at your thoughts. Sirens; Solid steel rope being dragged
on the pavement - more agile: Frequencies...Microwave, radio,
mobile create an umbrella of prophecy:) A black boy
runs into the middle of the road, barley avoiding
Nooses and stands over his dead mother: It's her fault,
you are embarressed. Now your mind is empty. Mercury
rain. The supermarket rots:) The neon light [is] swollen,
Everywhere clairvoyance: The [black] boy is whispering to
his mother, 'wake up'. Cars are crashing into him but
he is not dying) each time they hit him is like
jackpot at a slot machine. Silver coins magnetic to
her corpse: An inconvienient grave: You get out your car
and forget how to walk. Who you are, where you are,
what coffee tastes like. You lay there: In the heaven
of your amnesia: chased by colours further into your
mind where you don't know what any of them mean;
newspapers are shrieking. A woman covers her ears.
It is raining mercury + grass is growing around the silver coins,
through the concrete. A guy is checking his watch; starts
chocking: suddenly you can walk again and the
ground shakes.*

The boy is turning the city into a forest filled with so many dead things
so many numbers and addresses - inside his mother's heart it is a pantheon
a dragon is asleep, dirty in both your ears. You are throwing up- no one
everyone. Everyone knows your name, knows you are on the way to see
your mother<.> this makes you smile: Chased by a paradigm of 5 minutes
ago you make your way to the boy and his mother, stronger than ever.
You are chasing the city. Naming things: Remembering ciggarettes.

One thousand facist arms,
Syncronized: Choreographed
Murder) The boy is completly

And more the texture of glass. You are filled with so much with compassion
you betray your every step - People speak to you, everyone you know
now they are hiding from the rain: confused in the forest, at home
in the city. Still in their suits. Your car is dead. You realized you
down have anything that is alive: The boy starts speaking. The city
has seen enough. You are back on the floor, the time you forgot how to
walk. You couldn't make your mind up and rolled onto your front. You
saw it all. Now you are ready to dance.

In your car, you start the engine and drive
[out] to where you saw the black boy run [into] the road. Just park
across the street. He is shy. A lady in a uniform is banging on your
window telling you to move your car: It's still raining, she is showing
you a serpent. Sharpening it: Your tooth nearly falls out: You open the
door for the boy to jump in)) You tell him his mother can:// still make
it: now there are three ladies, one of them chases a boy
doing graffitti. One of them is getting ready to hammer a nail
into your window so you drive forward.

the sky is a flood
and the month is
a permenant blue-gray.
A bag of coal costs

You start watering a cigarette but in the middle of an argument.
nothing happens: It catches fire: A small puddle of fire...
A small rose of fire. You take it home


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